July 11, 2019

Is bodyweight training enough to see results? 


For most people, time is of the essence and ultimately any exercise you can fit in will have its benefits. The kind of 'anytime, anywhere' workouts you see that show 'no equipment needed'can be enough to maintain some muscle and, if body fat loss is your goal, go some way towards your calorie deficit, providing you are eating accordingly.


It is easier to maintain muscle than to build it and, because of muscle memory, its relatively easy to build back up muscle you had rather than gain it in the first place. For this reason bodyweight exercises are great to start with, and for its functionality as a starting point to learn how to move your body effectively with proper form,before adding too much load.


When trying to build muscle, progressive overload is key, working against resistance, using your own bodyweight or using weights, but, using your own bodyweight can be hard to create a steady incline of progress. Breaking down the movements into easier and harder doesn't leave too much in-between. Take the humble push up for example- between the point of nailing full reps on your knees to having the strength to do a full push up can be a long road. With weight training you can just add small increases each week to gain strength to the parts of the body you need to assist you with this quicker. How do you go from a bodyweight squat to the more advanced progression pistol squat? You can most certainly do it by using a box or holding onto a pole to start with but at some point you would need to start using weight to counterbalance your hips. You would need to do all kinds of movements with your weight distributed differently whereas you can load a simple goblet or barbell squat to get stronger legs quite easily.


There is a difference between 'exercise' and 'training'. Exercise is any kind of movement for the benefit of your health but training is when you want to improve the intensity or efficiency of your workout for particular goals, such as strength or speed.


In a nutshell, bodyweight training is great exercise, and some people see great results, but it can be hard to challenge your muscles to their full capacity. For burning calories, maintaining some strength and being really convenient its a great way to start!




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