My mission as a fully qualified REPs registered personal trainer is to not only motivate but educate as many women as possible to feel confident in themselves and their bodies at whatever stage of life.
Whether it's a washboard stomach or just to feel that little bit sexier when you look in the mirror. In our 30s and beyond its so easy to let other commitments take over our health.
Where do YOU come on your own priority list?
Now could be the time to make a change!  
Pre-conception, Pregnancy and Beyond.
Initial consultation via phone, email or Skype.
Home, gym or outside training sessions.
Online program access
Weekly progress updates via phonecall/ email.
Motivation alone when starting a new programme will last so long, its the new found healthy habits that keep you going a long time after your package and that is what I aim to achieve with each and every single one of my clients at every stage of their journey.
Following a healthy lifestyle that drops body fat, preserves muscle mass and increased toning means that you can protect and boost your metabolic rate. Metabolism comes from the amount of muscle mass you have in your body so the more strength you protect and build, the better your metabolism.
This is why resistance training is so important. Under trained bodies that have lost muscle mass through constant dieting can be repaired by a new exercise regime and by following a nutritious, diet specifically for your well balanced needs and perfect for YOU.


"Natalie is an incredible, thoughtful and committed trainer. She customizes every element of each workout which has helped me recover from injury and build up core strength in a truly lasting way. She checks in after sessions and is always researching and sending helpful ideas and links to keep me inspired. Nutrition is of course key and Natalie provides framework and advice in a way that's actually sustainable in the long term. I couldn't recommend her more highly".
- M. Wong

"Natalie makes what is seemingly impossible possible and in the right format for my body mechanics and strength. She pushed me really hard each session but we also have fun and she is really knowledgeable.It would have taken me over six months to lose weight other times but this time I am building good habits and muscle along the way for sustainable results!"


- Aimie Chapple

"I've had a few PTs in the last few years and Natalie was one of the best coaches I had. She was actually my first coach and with her I achieved amazing results, I got FIT but most importantly since then I never stopped fitness! She makes me love fitness and weight work out and gave me the confidence to keep going! :)"


- D.I.

"I didn't realise it was possible to be in better shape during pregnancy than before but I can certainly say this about my experience with Natalie.It was quickly apparent that I was in safe hands and I stayed fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy, she really knows how to do this without 'bulking up',something I was always wary about with PT. The proof is in the pudding, ten days after I had my baby I'd snapped right back into shape! Fantastic! Natalie is beyond recommended!"


- Sarah Heywood

"Ive been training for years but a back injury affected results I could achieve. Natalie's approach is different, she teaches you the correct way of doing exercise and its made a huge difference. Things that I had doing before was actually making my back worse! Im now free from back pain and starting to see great changes with my body too! Ive recommended her to all my friends, her caring and attentive approach makes my training sessions something I look forward to each week!"



- Naomi Rees

"During my pregnancy it was important for me to feel safe while working out and maintaining my strength. Working with Natalie during and after my pregnancy has been a great experience and I am grateful for her guidance and support".
- Maria Vang

"Natalie always brings fun and a positive attitude to the session and manages to get the best out of me. Training has not only helped me to lose weight but building strength has really benefited my running and my posture has improved significantly, back pain is a thing of the past!"​

- Britta Schmidt



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